Monday, January 7, 2013


Hey, so I know I haven't written in a while. If there are any faithful readers out there, I apologize. Life got busy. But I have been reading, of course! A few things I probably won't get into in the blog, but some I hope to. 

I started Shipley's outdated In Praise of English, and though he seems to be an English Nazi, in the sense that he seems to think that the entire evolution of human language has led up to and culminated in English and it should dominate all others... in spite of that I am enjoying the word nerd aspect of it, thinking about etymology and how words have changed over time. I inevitably learn something from that, even if it's just about one particular word, and I can share that with my students too. I may or may not blog about this one, but I'm not that far into it now anyway.

I also started reading the Anne of Green Gables series because when I got engaged and started planning my wedding I wanted to read Anne and Gilbert's love story again. I don't know that I will have anything to blog about that, but if so it will be after I finish the series.

I've read a couple of others that won't show up here, but one that I hope to get back to is the Illiad, which I read for the first time in an edited translation from like the 70s. I wasn't expecting to be so into it and I'd really like to discuss it and get other people's reactions.

Happy new year, all! I hope to write again soon!